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Posted : Thu Feb 23, 2017


Major Challenges facing the World of Web Development

Living in an age where smartphones and the internet are a necessity , the web plays a vital role in our day to day life. This virtual world hold the answers to most of our regular questions. However, like the Greek architect Daedalus’s Labrynth, it breathes with a life of its own. The web is not just a library to browse. It is ever changing, evolving to suite our convenience and in some cases inconveniences too. New development tactics are surfacing and better tools and libraries emerge on a nearly daily basis.

What implications do these changes have?

While these changes bring golden opportunities, they also bring complications which are followed by new challenges. Any business has to overcome these challenges if they want to create lasting, successful applications.

So what are these challenges?


  • User Interface and User Experience (UI and UX)

What is User Interface or UI?

A user interface, is the means in which a person controls a software application or a hardware device.A good user interface provides a "user-friendly" experience, allowing the user to interact with the software or hardware in a natural and intuitive way.

What is User Experience or UX?

User experienceis the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usabilityaccessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product. It basically simplifies user interaction for easy understanding and helps the user become comfortable with the product.

UI acts like the skin, responsive on every probe, while UX acts like the organ, supporting life function and keeping the body functioning.

There was a time when smartphones didn’t exist and the web was a completely different place. Creative, Innovative and customer oriented web application are in high demand now. Sometimes it’s the small UI elements that make the biggest impact. In this era of new technology, websites should be responsive enough on the smaller screens. If your web applications confuses the users, then it reduces the customer’s faith in your website. Navigation is another part of this process and is often neglected by developers. Instinctive navigation creates a better user experience for the website visitor where they can find information without any hassle, creating a flawless experience.

Even though there are significant differences between the two, developers should harmonize their work on UI and UX in order to give their users a flawless experience.

  • Security

In the midst of creating designs and user experience, we tend to neglect web app security. In recent development,India is on its way to become a cashless economy, hence many payments are made online.

The second major aspect in the software development life cycle is security, especially when the application is dealing with important information such as payment details, contact information, and confidential data. Multiple things should be considered when it comes to web application security such as user data safety, database malfunctioning etc.

Coding of a website or an application should be done carefully. The developer should prioritize safety concerns to avoid any kind of mishap from happening.

  • Scalability

Scalability is not about performance or making best use of computing power and bandwidth. It’s about balancing the loads between the servers, hence; when there is an increment in load (i.e. more traffic on the page) additional servers can be added to balance it. You should design the software such that it can work on a cluster of servers instead of throwing the entire load on a single server. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) can help in improving scalability as additional servers are added. SOA gives you the flexibility to change easily.

  • Selection of Right Framework and Platform

Frameworks play an important role in kick starting development languages: they are the performance boosters. Frameworks offer features like models, APIs etc. to develop dynamic web applications. Some examples of web frameworks are PHP, ASP.Net and so on. A new functionality can be added via external API.

Developers and small business owners should have a clear understanding of their company needs in relation with website and application development. While selecting the platform one should also consider technical skills, learning curve, pricing, customization options and analytics.

  • The User

Now we come to the final obstacle. The user. While keeping everything in mind and designing, it is of utmost priority to know what the user has pictured and deliver something that satisfies their needs. Designing ,left to your own imagination, is fluid and easy to work with. However designing someone else’s imagination is quite the tedious task. Hence none of the above mentioned factors can be ignored and are essential for web development.