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Posted : Mon Apr 03, 2017

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.

-Edward Teller

It has been 9 years since the android operating system took the world by storm. With its slick animation, catchy and user friendly interface along with affordable prices, it was an instant hit. The very notion of having the functionality of a computer inside your phone sent the public in a frenzy and gave IOS a run for its money.

So how has Android fared?

With every update, they have redefined the use of a phone and have given us a definition for the term “smartphone”. Their state of the art animation going with a sugary sweet update (pun intended) has kept their audience satisfied and continues to do so.So without further ado, lets dig right in to what android has to offer next i.e. Android O.


Android is known to tweak things up with every update, optimizing processor speed and accessibility being top priority.

Following in the foot steps of their last update, Nougat, Android O strengthens the granular nature of control in android. However there are very little superficial changes this update. With slight changes to the menu outlook (which is seen nearly every update), this update keeps the clean and precise look that they went for in the last update.

Keeping audience demand in mind, they have finally gotten to adding some important tweaks like adaptive icons, Autofill API’s, picture-in-picture mode, app badges and nav bars. They have also added better support for bluetooth audio and hardware keyboard.

Taking a cue from IOS, instead of adding more features to learn, they have tried to simplify their OS so as to avoid any sorts of complications for users.

They have added minor changes to other parts too and they are as follows..

  • Background process limits - Identified as a move for battery saving, Android O will severely limit background processes to intermittent windows of activity controlled by the job scheduler.

  • Audio - Sony has donated their LDAC Codec to Google for Android O. This will result in much better bluetooth audio quality in Android 8.0

  • Lock Screen - Keeping the best and making it better, the voice assist on the bottom left that made quite the mark, can be replaced by any shortcut that the user wishes to add, opening room for endless possibilities.

  • Notification Channels - Simplifying the way you see your notifications, they are ways through which apps can split their notifications and you can choose what you want to let through and block individually.

  • Wider Color Gamut - There is a larger color palette of supported colors for app developers.


With only a preview out, it is yet to be determined whether this would prove to be the right combination for better use, however it has been cited that there have been little to no crashes or bugs and test runs reveal a good future.

While its final release is set for July, we are once again standing at the threshold, waving the Android flag and hoping for the best!